‘RUMI’ - a poem of the woods, in the woods...Dreaming of the forgotten woods of the mountains, we take you through the rustling of the autumn leaves.
The warmness of the bon fire got us dreaming. The pine, the old rose and the pewter shine on the winter twigs got us the inspiration to explore what RUMI was all about...his boundless love for nature, for being, for self love, for expecting the unexpected.

Navigate across the African wilderness


Get in your Safari mode and let's explore the enchanting world of indigenous crafts of tribes. Rustic palette of Turmeric yellow, paprika red, deep mustard, intense Olive, Burnt sienna and terracotta narrates the poetic warmth of the long summers.

This edition we have re-imagined the old-school Raffia Embroidery technique using 100% organic Palm raffia straws derived from the palms in Madagascar. Intricately mixed with hand dyed wooden beads, printed sequins and other hand embroidery skills sets and basket prints inspired by the basket weaving craft from Africa.
Each look captures mood of the free spirited diva, who is on her quest to create her tribe.